Christianity is… a Person!

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Adrian Neagu – Ps., PhD in History

Romania, 2017. At every 8 hours a child is abandoned. Even so, 95% of the people of this country insist in declaring themselves Christians.

Under these conditions, either Christianity is not what it claims, or we have not understood it properly. What are we talking about, actually? A Christian is – according to the dictionary – the person practicing Christian religion (DEX). That is, the one who is pious in relating himself to the set of cultic rules inherited from ancestors – arid, restrictive, oppressive, moralizing!

This perspective may have to cease, because in fact Christianity, separated from the living Person called Jesus Christ, is a great … DELUSION!

You may be inclined to say that Jesus is just a historic Palestinian character of the first century – a good man who has gained some local notoriety and was then executed by the Romans.

At the end of 2014, Washington Post’s electronic edition went a step further when emphatic titles: “There is plenty of rational evidence to doubt the historical existence of Jesus”! Is that so?

Why did some of the brightest minds of our world choose to link their existence to Christianity?

Please, take a look with me to this personality, Jesus Christ.

He was called the Teacher, although he did not have degrees. He was called the Great Doctor, though he did not prescribe medication. He did not have the army and yet he conquered the world. Although he has not written any books, he has enliven millions and millions of pages. Socrates and Aristotle taught forty years, and He, only three and a half. But these few years transcended more than all the great thinkers of antiquity together. Jesus did not paint any painting, but the paintings of Rafael and Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci were inspired by Him. Jesus did not write any poetry, but Milton, Dante and other great poets of the world were inspired by Him. Jesus did not make any musical composition, but Hayden, Handel, Beethoven, Bach and Mendelssohn achieved the perfection of the song in their hymns, symphonies and oratories. Was not every sphere of human greatness enriched by the humble Carpenter of Nazareth?

And I still have not said anything unless I remember here his unique contribution for the humanity: forgiveness, atonement, salvation. There is an old song called “The Hangman”. According to its lyrics, a young girl should die by hanging because he had not paid a big debt.

She was asking the executioner to wait a little longer because she sees far off her father coming away. By far she asks him if he has gold to pay his debt. Her father says – no! After that came her mother, her sister, her brother, her lover, but none of those have gold to save her. Then comes Jesus. Neither does He have gold. But He (!) accepts to die in her place.

Philosophy can not do this, neither art, nor literature, nor music, nor technology.

More than the best craftsman in the art of healing the vices, in the deprogramming the prejudices and addictions, Jesus Christ rewrites destinies. He cancels our history completely unsuccessful and places His history instead. Through Him, the history of our enslavement and the shame of the past no longer raises to tease, accuse or torture us. Maybe you should be much more interested regarding the subject, don’t you think?

I understand your reluctance. The Christianity of our times has not copied the intention of His Maker. But faith is not a blind acceptance of the practices of a religion. It is a choice based on evidences. Jesus Christ, who called on Thomas to touch the wounds from His palms, today calls anyone who is tired of living with the ideas of others only – to reiterate the experience “Taste and see what good the Lord is!”

I hope that my generation, who is also yours, has not forgotten the essential: Christianity is a Person, not a set of customs or observances. The whole world would be brighter because of His presence.

This is my opinion. Adrian Neagu for OPINIA PRODUCTION.

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