Egypt: Piramids. The Book of the Dead

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For the Egyptians, this life was the preparation for a higher stage, that is life in death. For Pharaoh that was the starting point into the celestial journey, but also his immortalization.

After death, his soul joins the stars and shares their eternity. When you say Egypt, you say Nile, and specifically you say the well-known pyramids – that is very large tombs! Projected to facilitate the heavenly journey of the pharaoh.

The soul takes its flight in the form of a bird. The wind, the clouds will help him. During  the ascension, Pharaoh is already a god. A kind of theology of deification, in germ! At the entrance of the heavenly place – a lake. For admission into the boat of the ferryman – a sort of pre-judger – the pharaoh had to have accomplished ritual purifications.

Arrived into the heaven, the pharaoh is received triumphantly by the Sun God. In the courtroom, the heart of the dead is placed on a balance thaler. On the other thaler – a feather! Weighing operation: you’re on plus, you come in; you are on minus – back to Egypt. During the examination, the dead recites prayers. He prays at his own heart, to confess nothing wrong against him. He also prays to the 42 gods – the heavenly court – not to blame him to the Great God. Simply try to convince everyone that it is … pure, that deserves!

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