„Create your own clay!”

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Adrian Zaharia, Ps. Drd. in Theolog

Someone might have a special perspective, namely: “poor science knowledge leads to … atheism, while plenty of science leads to… faith”! That would be an unprecedented idea, won’t you think?

The leaders of rationalism logic would say exactly the opposite. What science can not tell us, the human can not know. What should I say? What scientist can say the universe does not operate laws different from those observed on earth?

If you carefully look around, everyone believes in something. Some of us believe in God of the Bible. Others in Shiva, others in Allah. Others quench our thirst for meaning in science. Many are gratified with a faith into … nothing!

One thing is certain. Nobody speaks so constantly about God, as those who always and always insist that God does not exist. I’m not wondering “why”. At the end of his life, Jean-Paul Sartre, the atheist (…), existentialist (…), confessed his friend, Pierre Victor: “I do not feel as if I was the product of an accident, but I feel as someone who was awaited, prepared, prefigured – a being that only a Creator could put me here”. His colleague and life-friend, the philosopher Simone de Beauvoir instantly protested:” How would someone explain his position otherwise than that – the senile act of a traitor! “

The collisions of science and faith have become… notorious. Mandatory delimitation of each other appears to be a must.

It is known that 90% of the scientists of all time are living in our modern times! In the same time, their large majority are atheists! Emanuel Kant said: the truth is not told by the Bible or by the Church, but by the science! The church? It’s good for ethics and morality. Governments do not expect the truth from the church, but only a kind of civic education of parishioners.

Electrons, protons, neutrons, neutrinos, kaons, Lambda subatomic particles, quarks.

Are we non-religious “cerebral” personalities? We have to admit these topics are vital. Are we simply religious people? The more important these concepts should be!

The scientist Lecomte du Nouy, mathematician, found that in order to form a single asymmetric molecule by the action of chance, it may take about 253 billion years! Let’s admit the chance is happening. However, a single molecule is not enough! Millions of such molecules are needed. But the age of the universe is estimated at only 15-20 billion years !! (Georges Abell, University of California, USA)! An almost infinite number of matter-energy-space-time would be appropriate to meet all the conditions to favor life on Earth!

Even so, many postulate the truth of science as ABSOLUTE.

Let me tell you. Faith does not operates in the area of “ possible”. But what is so difficult to understand some statements of Christian Scripture as follows:

  1. He suspends the earth over nothing.” Job 26:7.
  2. “He sits … above the circle of the earth.” Isaiah 40:22 (the round shape of the earth)
  3. “He established the force of the wind..” Job 28:25 (air weight)
  4. “The shields of the Earth belong to God” Ps 47: 9 (atmospheric layers)

Aren’t these enunciations scientifically enough?

Try to position the Sun at a distance of only 5% less or 1% higher from the Earth. Would life on the planet be possible anymore?

I am not willing at the end of my life to cry as philosopher Thomas Nagel did: “I hope God doesn’t exist! I don’t want Him to exist!…”.

I don’t want either any ambiguous religious beliefs as those of  Rig Veda (Hindu holy book) – “He (God) knows where this creation comes from, and maybe even He doesn’t t know..!”

But I would not even dare to hope that by blowing up millions of musical notes, I should expect them to fall to the ground in the form of the 9th Beethoven symphony.

I rather prefer to believe!

In having a dialogue with Divinity, the man of science states: “Exactly the manner You did, I also can create a human being!” God accepts the challenge: “Okay, go on, create him.” The scientist is bowing down to the ground, in need for clay, but God stoped him: “A moment! Create your own clay! “

Yes, indeed, imaginary dialogue. But this can credit somehow the thesis: “poor science knowledge leads to… atheism, while plenty of science leads to… faith”

That perspective is, in fact, my opinion.

Adrian Zaharia for OPINIA PRODUCTION.

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