Family – the European model… in quotes!

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Titus Corlățean, Associate Professor Dr, Former Foreign Minister (2012-2014)

We are living in a paradoxical Romania. Romania today is a member of the European Union, the North Atlantic Alliance, is a country where the living standard of today is incomparably higher than the one the country knew about 20 years ago. Much more luxurious new cars, houses, apartments, new clothes – and yet the world is not necessarily happier.

Today’s society, the Romanian one, is part of a European society where many things are happening. And we find – and this is the negative side of this phenomenon of European integration – that today’s society knows less stability, less cohesion and solidarity among people.

A fact is that the family, as we know it in its natural-traditional sense – the family of man and woman, with the children whom God blessed these people – this family is struck from all sides, it is subjected to all sorts of constraints and we see more and more social disaggregation.

That is why the battle to promote a referendum on the revision of the Constitution – family protection based on marriage between a man and a woman – is an extremely important battle.

We still have obstacles and we know them. Not everyone is happy when talking about the natural-traditional family. This is a battle that must be won, because a possible failure would mean other “European” models (which are now also a form of external pressure for Romania) – I am referring to the legalization of a same-sex marriage – could become a reality in Romania.

It is very important to introduce into the Constitution – which is the fundamental law of this country – the state’s obligation to recognize and support the MAN-WOMAN family formula. Otherwise we will continue a process that we have seen in the last 28 years, after the Romanian Revolution, of social disintegration.

Each of us, those who have faith, me as a politician, those who are part of society, have to take much more courage to express our faith, our beliefs in the moral Christian values, our faith regarding the natural family – and I am convinced that together we can we do much more.

We can still have economic growth and welfare growth. What will this be worth if we and our children do not know how to continue stubbornly – in a complicated world – to follow the path of good?

This is the way I also support – the way of good and love.

This is my opinion. I am Titus Corlățean for OPINIA PRODUCTION.

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