Gilgamesh. The Plant of Immortality

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You have certainly heard of the most popular Babylonian creation – the Epic of Gilgamesh. Brilliant! The hero, terrorized by the prospect of death – by the way, who isn’t – is looking for … immortality!

After various adventures / initiatory samples, Gilgamesh eventually finds the plant that give back the youth! He’s not going to die anymore! But, as he stops batting, a snake coming out of the water is eating the plant!

The action ends with failure: not even the heroes can have immortality! The distance between humans and gods appears to be insurmountable. The desire to continue life after death animates every human society; in every culture people have formulated conceptions of how life should be beyond.

All the religions and philosophies of the earth inclined before death and resigned to conclude an armistice with it.

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