India (1): Samsara. Reincarnation

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For the Aryan believers of the Vedas, the soul has its seat in the heart. After death, the soul goes underground, for there is his dwelling house. For brahmins, Atman is the spiritual-indestructible being, temporarily deported into the body. Atman (self-consciousness) must disgorge into Brahman (universal consciousness).

Atman’s illumination is accomplished by concentration. When this huge knowledge is attained, the soul is freed, he is a god. Except that here – the majority can not get enlightenment in one lifetime. For this to happen, Atman has at his disposal many re-incarnation cycles.

From the extraterrestrial world where it comes after death, the soul is forced to reincarnate, according to the laws of the samsara, in order to complete the enlightenment. The purpose of reincarnation is that the soul to pass from one caste to another, until it reaches that of the brahmins, for only they were allowed to be absorbed into the Great All. As for the Jains worshipers, the condition for the soul to reach eternal happiness – the influence of strong karma must be annihilated.

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