Between rubbish and… cherry blossoms!

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Dr Mihai-Horia Nicolae, Primary orthopedic surgeon and traumatologist

The end of his life found Sigmund Freud in an agonizing soul condition. The influential Viennese physician, the father of modern psychoanalysis, wrote in 1918: “From my own experience, I can say that most people are only… rubbish”! (Veritas Reconsidered, p. 36).

An inherent observation? A radiography of his mental-emotional health? Depression?

The World Health Organization defines health as a state of physical, mental and material well-being, and not just the absence of disease or infirmity. Psychological well-being is often discussed in the medical world, and not only.

In 2018, the second cause of illness as frequency will be depression. And if the current trend continues, depression will be the first cause of illness in 2030.

Statistics say that in large urban agglomerations, 75% of people have psychological problems: insomnia, various addictions, aggression, alienation, panic attack, depression, suicide. Psychiatry has created new terms, such  “abyssal loneliness”, which designates deeply lonely people, in spite of their close living with thousands of fellow citizens, with whom they intersect daily!

The ancient historian Pliny reported that during the period of AD 60, the disorientation of the Roman society had become unimaginable. Why would anyone want to serve peacock brains or winking tongue? What was the reason the jewels encrusting the dress of a famous matron of the city of the seven hills cost the equivalent of 432,000 pounds ?! William Barclay offers a unique answer: “They were willing to try anything for a new tremor, because in spite of their enormous riches, at the same time they were terrible … starving!”

Discouragement, fear, frustration, fear without cause, stress, sometimes brought to extremes, failure, paranoia, anxiety, insecurity, divorce, are concepts easily recognized into average language. Pedophile priests, rape parents, sadistic crimes, are news that boost ratings on television. Freud was right? Are we, humans – some kind of… rubbish?

Most of our fellow humans experience daily frustrating experiences, that leave deep traces. Psychosomatic diseases – tension, cardiopathy, ulcers, insomnia, depression – produce ravages in industrial societies. There is a strong link between stress and cancer, between stress and diabetes, not to mention anymore the close relationship between stress and depression. More and more of our fellow men,  once they get older they became mentally damaged, and unfortunately, more and more often, white hair do not bring wisdom, but dementia!

Why this price? Are not all those things the price paid for the exile of God from our lives?

Without moral censorship, having as motto the personal achievement at any cost and the immediate satisfaction of any desire, the world in which we live seems to many a huge madness hospice! While love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, and well-being are the part of the weak, of the “suckers”!

Are we somehow try to diminish the severity of sin when by integrating it into the normal life? We are adopting psychoanalysis techniques of cohabitation with ugliness and abject, and we learn to deny the guilt of sin.

To those looking for balance, sense, normality in what is happening, to me – I say: let’s bring to our lives The One who created us as we are, with mind, body and soul.

Health on any level – physically or mentally – and a pure conscience are not to be found apart of God.

Side by side with Him, our life gets the meaning and a healthy balance will revive our existence. Only God himself means normality for the man of the 21st century, beyond any other theological aspects.

Science can promise to help us live longer, but our existence is tormented and frustrating. Whichever the religious confession we belong to, our need for daily fellowship with the Source of Life is the guarantee of true welfare.

Freud says, “People are… rubbish!”

Before him, the psalmist comforted himself with other thoughts: “When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, LORD, supported me”,  and Isaiah had observed: “He took up our pain and bore our suffering”.

Perhaps the philosopher Yamaguchi Sode wrote about the choice between the darkness of this world and the light of God in his confrontational poetry: “Who’s interested to watch flowers of forest carrots, when the cherry blossoms bloom?”

I believe we can always be fulfilled by God.

This is my opinion. Mihai Horia Nicolae, for OPINIA PRODUCTION.

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