Mesopotamia. The seven customs

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The Mesopotamians were not too determined about the way the world and man came into existence. They didn’t even have a chance, as long as they had more theories of creation: a theory said people came out of the ground like grasses; another – they were made of clay, by certain divine laborers, such as the goddess Aruru or the god En-ki.

Their beliefs took into account the existence of a spiritual element, ilu, the spirit, which they considered to be divine. They knew the notion of inferno. Up to it, the soul had to pass through the Seven Gates. That is, a kind of seven customs – concept known – as it is known in many other religious cultures. At each of the gates there was a judge asking for a specific tribute.

The guards of hell were demons. Their horde – led by a certain Kingu. According to another theory, even man was created from Kingu’s blood, with the inherent conclusion that humans are demonic!

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