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Adrian Zaharia, Ps. Drd in Theology

You are a modern, cerebral human being.

You may think the world is no longer interested in religion. Or Scripture.

There is, however, a thousand-year exercise of our fellows with it, the Scripture!

It was a time when the most of people respected it and assigned it authority.

This time has not ended even today.

Their Scripture, however it would be called.

The Scriptures are for people “the words of God”!

There have always been weapons of the spirit.


Often deadly!

Remember, you have not seen any atheists committing bombings… but religious people – yes!

Perhaps the greatest massacres in the history of humanity come from the fact that the author of Scripture-God, Buddha, Allah, or how he would be called – cares about what we think and do, isn’t it?

Maybe you would say, as Einstein did, that “Scripture is for me nothing than an expression and a product of human weakness; that the Bible is for me a collection of honorable but primitive and childish legends”. But do not forget, Einstein was Einstein in physics, that’s all!

The rheumatism of the culture and religion of the modern civilization has not invalidated our existential questions:

Why am I here? Why do I do what I do? Why do I not do what I do not? Where am I going to?

Are we just simple waves of chemical elements sinking into nerve endings, ending in insignificance? I read in the Scriptures to understand …

But any point of view is at the same time a point of blindness because it eliminates other points of view that can also be true.

Perhaps the truth that makes people free is for the most part the truth people do not want to hear, and that’s because they can not understand or define it. Perhaps there are too many offers on the booth of the spirit.

Too many are those who seek in the Scriptures passages or texts to support what they want to believe in!

And you are tired of the religious groups that perpetuate cultic performances according to medieval patterns… And you have your own life and you have to justify your own existence! I think you’ve also noticed that the easiest thing to do is to be religious.

Anyone, from mobsters to corrupt politicians, can be religious. That religions have shown the tendency to produce institutionally organized villains.

That the religion has served too many times as an intellectual dungeon. Perhaps you agree, however, that if holiness means personal exigence, and freedom means the exigence of truth, then, that the truth to make us free, we must know it!

Without being suspected of bibliolatry, a natural observation says that a system is no more stable than its foundation.

Choose to search more! If someone does not love the truth, it’s because he has not discovered it yet. 

Are you too tired of searching? When you choose not to choose, you’ve already made a choice.

Too many lies in religion? Right!

But, given the fact that lies exist, there must be the truth too! After all, any truly valuable thing always costs us something!

In the end, I’m asking you a question. If it is to be a Book bearing truth and release, which is that?

Adrian Zaharia for OPINIA PRODUCTION.

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